Stuck between a rock and a hard-on

“Let’s go for a walk babe.”

A shiver. A tingle. Anticipation. Nerves. Anxiety. Excitement. Fear. Such an innocuous invitation that I knew actually meant “I’m going to fuck you behind those rocks and it’s quite possible multiple men will come and watch and maybe even participate”.

“C’mon, babe. It’s just a walk. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.”

My puss clenched at the thought even while my stomach was flipping over. Butterflies. Sweat. A catch in my breath.

“You know that it’s not just a walk.”

A cheeky grin, not quite a blush. I could almost discern his cock twitch.

“It’s just a walk babe. If you’re not comfortable, we won’t do anything.”

Was that a seagull? Or just one naked person calling out with familiarity to the other. It surprised me how many nudists stopped to chat by the towel of someone they knew, like the clothed friendship ritual was of no consequence even while naked.

“Babe? Let’s go for a swim then.”

“OK, a swim.”

Sitting upright, my boobs fell into place from where they like to disappear into my armpits when horizontal. My tan lines marked me as an outsider, I thought, as I brushed sand from my knees. Jake extended his hand to help me to my feet.

It was hot today but more windy than last time. It made the heat bearable even while threatening to topple and spin our beach umbrella across the dunes. But if it did, he would have to run after it, like last weekend. But the beach had been empty last weekend. The ocean had been rough and the wind’s kiss like sandpaper. It was private enough that we had fucked under the sun, although he had likened my compulsive checking to ensure we were still alone to that of a meerkat looking for predators.

This, today, was different. The beach was busy and while the rocks would be less so, I knew from my first and only visit that many men prowled the wet and sea-scoured boulders looking for … I don’t really know what. Whatever they could find, I imagined. It was a sport of opportunity rather than strategy. Sometimes the players would be men, other times women.

A man was already in the water, about knee-deep, ostensibly watching the waves roll in but his eye caught mine as I stepped through the shallow water. He was tall, toned and tanned and closer in age to us than so many on the beach that day. His cock hung out from his body, again bearing little similarity to those belonging to the older gentlemen.

As the waves crashed into my legs, it would send a vertical splash of saltwater between my thighs, kissing my pussy refreshingly. I waded in to hip level so I could duck my head under the next wave. When I came up, the man was still watching me.

I was a little tipsy from the beers but still well within my wits. I wanted to go on the walk with Jake. It was just a matter of my inner goody-two-shoes finding the courage.

As I wrung the water from my hair, I moved up the sandy bank towards where we had left our sunnies and thongs. As I turned to shake my hair out, I could see the man from the water still watching me. He knew what was happening even before I did.

I slid on my sunnies and picked up my thongs. I would need them when we left the safety of the sand. The rock platform wasn’t far from where we’d been swimming, maybe 50m, but it followed the curve of the headland around so that once you reached a certain point, you were beyond the casual view of those on the beach. It was here people went to play, to be voyeurs and sometimes participate. Walking around the platform itself was an anticipatory experience. Behind any large boulder or outcrop could be a couple in a compromising position, bent over in doggy, giving a headjob, fingers buried in pussies while nearby could be one, two, three or more men in various states of arousal, watching hungrily for an invitation or just content to pull and stroke their own cock as an observer.

I was scared to go first and made Jake walk ahead of me so that if we rounded a bend and came across something, he could take the lead and guide me if required. I was completely out of my comfort zone and it’s exactly where I wanted to be.

We stopped just before a tide pool, almost like a natural keyhole carved into the platform. Those of a riskier nature might be tempted to cross it, but this was our place. It was the same location we had played a few weeks earlier but this time I knew better about what to expect. I knew that within minutes of Jake bending me, I would feel eyes on me, before a shadow was cast by approaching men. Next, I might see their feet, if I glanced down and behind me. They would wait a few metres away from us, stroking themselves, waiting, watching, trying to gauge our receptivity for them to get involved.

Last time, I had been too timid, too scared. When the men approached, I baulked, lost my rhythm and stopped. Jake would take my hand and we’d walk away, leaving the men with their growing hard-ons. They would take the cue and also leave the platform, but we’d stop in another secluded spot so Jake could take me from behind again until I came. He didn’t finish that time.

This time, now I was here and knew what was likely to happen, I wanted him to finish. I wanted to make him cum while … I don’t know. Would I let another men fuck me? Would I suck him? Would it be good enough to fulfil Jake’s fantasies?

We must have been fucking for maybe 30 seconds when I felt more than saw the man from the water behind me. But when I glanced back, there was a second man too. They were maybe four metres away, the second stranger, a larger man, was closer. His dick seemed small by comparison to the man from the water.

Jake had also seen them and leaned closer to me while he fucked me from behind.

“I don’t know what to do now,” I whispered.

“Whatever you want baby. Do you want them to fuck you?”

“Yes,” I whispered again.

“Do you want them to come over?”

I nodded, not trusting my voice. My breath was already coming in waves to meet the momentum of Jake’s thrusts.

I didn’t hear Jake speak and I couldn’t see any gesture from him behind me, but within seconds he had withdrawn from me and repositioned himself in front of me. He slid his cock into my mouth as I felt a stranger’s hands caress my arse before sliding gently towards my already very wet puss.

I glanced around and saw it was the man from the water, the other man a metre or so closer but still outside the circle of invitation. I had Jake deep in my throat when the man behind me slid another and then another finger inside me. He fingered me deep and hard until I felt a fourth finger enter me. He was fucking my puss the way men do when they make me squirt. He knew what he was doing and he was good at it.

Jake told me later that he gestured for the man to slide his cock into me, but for whatever reason, he didn’t. To be fair, I think I was glad of that. I didn’t know this man, this stranger and he was obviously someone who had done this before. It was safer for him not to fuck me.

But what he was doing with his fingers was like sorcery and I started to cum hard while I moaned into Jake’s cock in my mouth.

“Oh babe, you like that don’t you?”

I could only moan again and nod, both puss and mouth being full.

“Oh fuck babe, do you like that cum on your arse?”

Cum? What cum? I was so caught up I hadn’t felt nor realised the man from the water had shot a huge load onto my arse. It was so dirty and thrilling.

The larger man was still waiting in the wings for his turn but Jake had returned to fuck me from behind, watching the cum run down my arse. The larger man came closer and I held my hand out to take his cock. I twisted this way and that until I could get my lips around it, small though it was. Jake fucked me hard while I sucked but my legs were folding underneath me. Holding this position, multiplied by the orgasm from the water guy’s fingers, and I was started to lose control. I needed to move.

I stopped sucking and the larger guy moved behind me and shot his load onto my arse even while Jake kept pounding me. That was enough. I stood slowly, buckling my knees and stretching my lower back.

“Fuck babe, you’re such a dirty little slut,” and I beamed. This is what I wanted, to please him. His cock was hard and swollen and I wanted to make him cum too. I took him in my mouth again while the two men who had dumped their loads on me watched. But my legs couldn’t take the crouched position for long and I stumbled to my feet.

“I need to stand upright,” I laughed.

The man from the water said “yeah these rocks aren’t the most comfortable are they?”

We started walking back toward the beach but Jake took my hand and stopped me, waiting for the two men to disappear from sight.

“You’re so naughty babe. You’ve got cum all over your arse.” I grinned cheekily and he led me to another rock and told me to bend over it.

“My turn to fuck you.”

My arse was sticky with cum, my puss aching from the water guy’s fingers, and Jake was deep inside me when he told me he was going to fill me up. But my legs were caving and as he came, he slid out of me and he erupted on my arse and back, his pearlescent stream mingling with that of the two strangers.

“Oh god babe! Oh fuck, you’re so naughty.”

With that much cum on me, it was hard to argue with that.

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