Bend over and say fuck

He reached for my hand and pulled me to a stop. I’d been about to step away from the parked car, the car we’d just got out of, to walk the hundred metres or so to the pub. We’d had two cocktails already over lunch. We thought we’d try somewhere different.

We were parked in a leafy suburban street, with renovated heritage homes painted in muted greys with blue accents. He’d walked around to the kerb from the driver’s side, I thought just waiting for me to step out, shoulder my handbag.

“Wait,” he said softly. An old man next door had opened the gate of his driveway and disappeared again behind the tall pickets. The rest of the street was empty, the sounds of cars on the main road a few blocks away the only reminder we weren’t really alone.

“What is it?” So naïve and unaware what he had in mind. His hand on my waist, he steered me back towards the open passenger door.

“Wait.” He opened the rear passenger door and then, his hand on my upper back, he pushed me down, until I had to reach out to stop myself from falling into the seat, my back straight, my arse high.

“What are you up to?”

His hands were on the backs of my legs, trailing higher until they were under my light summer dress, caressing the curve of my arse. He hooked a finger into my panties and started to tug them down.

“What? Here?” My heart was starting to race, my mouth had gone dry.

I heard a car start nearby. It would be the old man next door.

“Are you sure no one’s around? What if someone sees us?”

I was frantically searching the street, peering through the tinted car windows. So many houses, so many people at home. Who knew who was watching, could see us from their lounge room or kitchen, watching the girl in the pink dress being bent over the passenger seat.

My panties were down now, caught around my knees and he was pressed into my arse, his cock hard through his pants.

“I want to fuck you so badly.”

“What!” My voice a soft shrill, terrified of being caught, excited at the prospect, trembling with the anticipation.

He unbuttoned his fly and pressed his cock between my cheeks, pre-cum leaving a shiny trail across me. I was wet in an instant and panting in nervous terror.

“I want to be inside you.”

“Holy fuck, you can’t say that. We can’t do that here.”

He didn’t respond and took a step back but if I thought it was because he’d come to his senses, I was mistaken. Cock out, he crouched down and started to lick me, down between my arse cheeks until his tongue was inside me, making me squirm.

“Oh god, oh fuck. Shit. Oh fuck!” I was a mess of profanity, wanting him to stop and desperately wishing he’d continue forever. This was crazy. I was moaning in the street like a cat in heat when the tail lights of the old man’s car backed into view.

“Someone’s coming!” I hissed anxiously. A long last lick to torment me before he stood up. Stepping closer, rubbing his cock between my arse cheeks one more time, before pulling me up from where I was hunched in the pose of those caught naked.

I frantically pulled up my panties and straightened my dress, and when I turned and looked at him, the smile on his face told me everything.

“Fuck you’re naughty,” I said.

“You have no idea,” he replied.

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