Sunday funday

I am face down across the bed, wrists restrained together behind my back. My ankles too, cuffed in leather and metal. I'm blindfolded and it is quiet. He's left me again, walked out of the bedroom, leaving me prone and waiting. I wait minutes, hours, to hear him return. He instructs me that I am... Continue Reading →

The tale of the pretty little slave

“Do you like that my pretty slave?” “Yes master.” “You like it when I pull your hair?” “Yes master.” “Tell me how much you like it.” “I love it when you pull my hair, master.” My hands were bound, white rope biting my wrists, its length tied to the bed head, taut. My arms were... Continue Reading →

Riding the Italian Stallion

August 2017 It was a last-minute invite for sex at his place. It had been almost two weeks since I said goodbye to AndrewNotChris which means it had been two weeks since I'd last had sex. While I don't buy into my housemates' theory of not being able to go longer than two weeks, it... Continue Reading →

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