Riding the Italian Stallion

August 2017

It was a last-minute invite for sex at his place. It had been almost two weeks since I said goodbye to AndrewNotChris which means it had been two weeks since I’d last had sex. While I don’t buy into my housemates’ theory of not being able to go longer than two weeks, it didn’t mean I wanted it to be that long between drinks either.

Are you going to be my dirty little slut tonight?

Yes babe

Ready to do whatever you want

Good to hear. You’ll be in for some punishment

Can’t wait

Tell me when you’re leaving … no need for small talk just be ready to fuck

Whatever you say boss

I didn’t rush to get to his place. I had a drink after work with a friend, stayed for one more to chat to the boys at the bar. I showered but didn’t wash my face or hair. I couldn’t be bothered doing my make-up again; it was only going to be ruined anyway. I don’t dress up for Italian Stallion. We both know what it is. He’s older than me, 45, and we agreed the first time we met we were well outside each other’s preferred age brackets. But the sex was good and uncomplicated. He gave me plenty of space, never wanted more from me and didn’t mind when I said no. I go to his place because he lives alone and I can be as loud as I want, and I like to be loud. The one concession I had made to what I wore was my jewellery. I knew it was going to be rough so I took off my necklace, wore only my studs in my ears and no bracelets.

He was waiting for me when I arrived so I didn’t need to knock. He showed me in and indicated with a hand that I should go straight to his bedroom where he had music playing and only a bedside lamp for light. He had only recently moved in and it was a new place so he still had no curtains or blinds. Luckily, he backed on to bushland so he had no neighbours to see in. The closest ones could probably still hear me though.

True to his request, I didn’t make small talk beyond saying hi. He took me in his well-muscled arms and kissed me hard. He’s quite a bit taller than me and strong. He works out every day. He pushed me down to sit on the edge of the bed and I could see that while we had been kissing, he’d pulled his hard cock out. Without being asked, I slid my mouth down onto it, my tongue caressing the underside of his shaft, my lips creating a perfect seal for suction. He gasped loudly.

“That’s what you wanted, wasn’t it? You wanted that hard dick.”

I nodded, my mouth full, reluctant to let go. He has the hardest cock I’d ever seen, consistently hard without mercy. It slid easily in my mouth and down my throat.

AndrewNotChris had previously complained to me that I had never taken him all the way, never got tears in my eyes, never gagged on it and spit it back on his cock. I did those things with Italian Stallion. I honestly hadn’t known that was sexy. I gagged and choked and the tears welled. It wasn’t painful and he was clearly enjoying it. He held my head, grasping my hair in his fists.

“You like that don’t you, my dirty little slut? I’m going to cum down your throat, but not yet.”

He pushed me down on the bed until I was on my back. He must have taken his shirt off while I was sucking him, because now he was naked. He lay half on top of me, unzipping my jeans and pulling them down while he explored my mouth with his tongue. His hand moved inside my undies and then his fingers were on my pussy.

“Oh, you’re so wet. That’s a good little slut.”

He pulled my singlet to the side, tugged down my bra and took my left breast in his mouth, sucking my nipple. I moaned and wriggled my hips, helping him to pull down my jeans and undies while he explored my pussy lips with his fingers. I wanted him inside me.

My pussy exposed, he shifted his weight until he was laying on top of me and inched his cock inside me. It was hard and full and I groaned loudly.

“That’s it, that’s what you wanted. You wanted that dick. Take it all, take it deep.”

I met his thrusts, feeling my pussy clench around him, arching my back to drive him in deeper, my head thrown back against the bed, my eyes closed. I rarely made eye contact with him when we fucked. It was too intimate.

His hand was around my neck, squeezing my throat. It wasn’t enough to make me black out but it did drive me crazy with desire.

My legs were wrapped around his waist, pulling him into me. In a sudden movement, he lifted me boldly so I was sitting atop him and he pulled my singlet up and over my head. I unclipped my bra and threw it off the side of the bed. He buried his face between my breasts as he pushed me back down onto the bed. He was kneeling between my legs as he pushed his cock back inside me and together we watched his cock sliding in and out. My arms were over my head, my hands clutching the doona as he pounded me. I was sopping wet but not ready to come.

“Touch yourself. Rub your clit while I fuck you.”

“I want you to film us fucking.”

He reached over to the bedside table and picked up his phone. He kept pounding me while he activated his camera and started recording. He zoomed in on his cock going in and out of my pussy before he’d panned up my body to my face, my back arched. His face was focused on capturing my pleasure but I tried not to look directly into the camera. I hate that.

After recording a minute of video, he tossed his phone to the bed, pulled his cock out of me and knelt beside me my head so I could take his cock covered in my juices in my mouth. He alternated between pulling my hair and squeezing my breasts, forcing his cock deep into my throat until I gagged.

“Suck it, take it deep in your throat.”

I did as I was told and sucked hard, grasping the base of his cock in my hand.

“You want to ride me? I want to see those tits bounce.”

I nodded in response, unable to speak, and he withdrew and lay back on the bed. I climbed onto his hard, taut body and sat down on his cock, relishing the fullness. I began to rock up and down on his cock, grinding my clit into his pelvic bone, my head thrown back. I was groaning loudly, gutteral sounds coming from deep within as he fucked me harder and harder. I rode him until I came, over and over again.

“I can feel your cum running down my balls. Where do you want me to come?”

“You’re in charge tonight. Where do you want to come? You want to come in my arse?”

“Do you want me to come in your arse?”

“I told you, you’re the boss. You can come in my arse if you want.”

He pulled out from my pussy and used my juices to lubricate my arse. He was big and very hard but it wasn’t going to be the first time he’d fucked me that way. I was on top still, so I was in control of him entering me. At first, it seemed like it was going to slide in easily but then the pain of being stretched kicked in and I felt my muscles tense. I breathed out slowly through my mouth, easing him back in. I needed more lube.

I climbed off and felt around in my handbag on the floor and pulled out my bottle of lubricant. A lady is always prepared.

I squirt a small amount into my hand and rubbed it liberally between my arse cheeks, and took his cock in my hand to distribute the rest. It was cold to touch but I knew it would warm quickly. Sitting astride him once more, I positioned his cock at the entry to my arse and slid down onto it easily. It felt amazing and I groaned loudly.

I set the rhythm, grinding down on his cock in my arse while my clit rubbed against him. One of his hands was on my waist while the other was around my neck, pulling me down so he could kiss my breasts, my neck, my mouth. I was picking up pace, his cock deep in my arse. He had hold of my hair, biting my nipples. I told him to bite them and he grabbed my breasts in his hands, pinching them, twisting them. I told him to slap me. I wanted him to dominate me completely. His hands closed around my throat tightly and I moaned wildly.

“Yeah, you like that my dirty slut. You like having that big cock in your arse. I want to come in you. I want to fill your arse up.”

“Come in me babe. Fill my tight little arse with your cum.”

He pulled out just a little, fucking me with just the top of his cock which I presumed was more sensitive. The pace intensified and by watching his face I knew that he was close. I stepped up my dirty talk, telling him how I much I wanted to feel him come in me, to explode inside me.

“I’m going to come. You ready for me? God, I’m going to come!”

“Then come for me babe. Come in my tight arse.”

Three more deep thrusts and I felt streams of his cum shooting inside me. Knowing he was coming kicked my own pleasure into overdrive and I could feel myself building to an intense orgasm. I was grinding my clit hard into him as I came, my pussy clenching and releasing and my arse still tight around him. We were both breathing hard. There was sweat on his brow and his hair was damp. I opened my eyes.

“So, how have you been anyway?”

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