J’adore cette ville

I really do love this city – the architecture, the waffles, the beer, even the bustling crowds of tourists. It’s hot this time, hotter than I remember when I was here 12 years ago.

I thought it might be weird walking the cobblestones that I last crossed with my ex-husband and, while I have thought of him, it’s not sad or wishful. It’s nostalgic, full of memories of things I’d forgotten – the pissing boy fountain we thought would be bigger. The flavour of cherry beer. The taste of ketchup and mayo on frites.

Now I’m here creating new memories with my film crew – bottles and bottles of wine, brew-specific glasses of beer, late night croquettes and pizza, buying weed legally, nursing hangovers, reminding each other of last night’s antics. The impromptu trip to the tattoo parlour at four in the afternoon for piercings.

Yes, Brussels. It’s nice to be back in you.

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