Holiday sex is actually a thing

24 October 2017 – Afternoon

The taxi dropped me back to Thamel after I said goodbye to AJ and Bina but I was still to find my hotel. It took me several wrong turns and another half an hour of walking before I saw a sign for my hotel in front of me. I decided that after that morning’s experience I would be wise to purchase a local sim card so I could at least use Google Maps. After a quick freshen up, a change of clothes, I set out to buy a sim.

It was remarkably easy and sorted within five minutes. I wandered the many stores I had so longingly looked at that morning, buying some gifts and trinkets for friends and family. Reaching an intersection, I decided I didn’t want to return to the hotel to sit alone until dinner. I looked up and saw a flickering neon sign for Everest Irish Pub. I was confident I would at least find someone who spoke English, even though it was only 4pm.


Up the stairs, it was dark and gloomy and the tables by the open windows were occupied by a group of three and two guys respectively. I took a seat at a nearby table and a long menu was placed in front of me by the smiling Nepali who’d been behind the bar when I arrived. I ordered an Everest lager and pulled out my phone, every person’s go to when sitting alone.

I had taken no fewer than two sips of my long neck before a voice from over my shoulder said:

“You can’t drink on your own in an Irish bar. Would you like to come sit with us?”

The voice belonged to a bald, ginger-bearded Irishman who introduced himself as Tommy. I gratefully accepted and joined him at the table with two other men, Bryan and Shane. All hailed from Australia although Shane was a South African raised in Botswana. It was to be the start of one of those crazy, fun night that you could never plan.

As we sunk beer after beer and ate momos, I told them about my itinerary for Everest Base Camp (EBC) and my experience on Mt Kili. It turns out they were also intending to trek to EBC but their flights to Lukla had been cancelled the past two days due to bad weather. Lukla is renowned for its poor conditions, with low fog and cloud frequently closing the airport. It is said that unless you are on one of the first flights, starting from 6am, you run the risk of your flight being cancelled. The boys had been on flight 14 for the day and by then, it was too late. They were going to try again tomorrow morning and were booked for the 9am flight. They were planning to hike alone, with no guide, which I discovered was more common than I thought but may have also contributed to them not making it on an earlier flight.

Bryan, Tommy, Shane and I getting to know each other at Everest Irish Pub

Beers became bourbon and rum and a game of shirt swapping began. I was easily many sizes smaller than the boys which meant I got a great view of


Shane’s guns in my singlet and I rambled the bar in a shirt I wore like I dress. We borrowed markers from the barman to write on the walls that already bore the drunk poetry and doodles of so many trekkers before us. We played pool and exchanged stories. The boys were fun, attractive and it was obvious that aside from the flirting, they respected the fact I was travelling alone and planning to trek EBC.

And just as the best nights can’t be planned, neither can great sex. I got along with all the guys, Bryan and Shane in particular, but it was Shane who made it clear he was keen and interested. We were teamed up playing doubles in pool and our first kiss came naturally after I finally sunk a ball. I’m truly a terrible player.

After that there was never any doubt he would come back to my hotel and by the time we finished up at the bar, it was early morning. I hugged Tommy and Bryan goodbye, thinking I’d never see them again, and promised I’d send Shane home in time to make it to the airport. In my hotel room, Shane and I tore each other’s clothes off and I was delighted to find his body was as hard and muscled as his arms suggested. He told me he’d completed an Ironman earlier in the year.


Now, I’m not one for stereotypes, but it’s worth repeating that he was South African and I don’t exaggerate when I say his cock was the biggest I have ever had. It was thick and long and I could hardly take more than inch in my mouth. It was simply huge. I wanted him badly and it was quickly apparent he felt the same. We had crazy, passionate sex on the bed, in the bathroom, against walls and windows. Him on top, me on top, doggy, sideways. It felt like we did it in every position. I have no idea what time we tumbled into bed to actually sleep. And the next morning, early before he had to leave, we fucked twice more.

Maybe it was being on holidays, maybe it was the thin air, but it was one of the most enjoyable experiences I had had for a long time. Yes, there was sex (great sex), but we talked too and he was funny and dirty and playful. Our conversations were broad-ranging, intelligent, the play naughty and a little rough. We snuggled and spooned and it felt nice to feel connected to someone, if only for a short time. It was sad to know he would be flying out for Lukla later that morning but I wished him well when I sent him off to find his hotel.

He and Tommy lived in Melbourne and Bryan in Brisbane so I had no expectations I’d see them again. They would be several days ahead of me on the trek and they were flying back to Australia the day I was due to get back from Lukla.

As it happened, their 9am flight to Lukla was once again cancelled so the boys retreated to their hotel in Kathmandu. There they made new plans to trek to Annapurna Sanctuary instead with a 5am departure to Pokhara the next day. But it wasn’t until early afternoon that I learned this, when Shane messaged me on Facebook and told me he wanted to see me again. He told me he’d been thinking of our night together all day.

That evening, after the boys had repacked and reorganised their supplies for the Annapurna trek, Shane returned to my hotel. We cuddled together on the king bed, talking about our days (mine was spent hungover and sleeping) and he and the boys’ mad rush to change trekking permits and organise the private car transfer to Pokhara.

When we fucked, it was slow and intense, his cock as enormous as my drunk brain remembered. He was so wickedly dirty and told me over and over how sexy he found me. After we both came, we spooned and cuddled before I reluctantly let him go back to his hotel. It was such a lovely surprise to see him again after saying goodbye that morning and it reinforced how much I was missing having someone like that in my life.



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  1. Wow AMAZING girl! Your stories always hit me in my sweet spot! And even though Shane’s face is a bit covered, I can tell he is HOT as hell! And you, WOW! You have so much muscle! Whew, no wonder you have such good sex! Haha. <3

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