Two is company, three is a cliché

His hand on my leg.

Mine caressing her thigh.

Our drinks on the side of the spa.

“Are we all good?” he asked.

“Yeah, I’m good,” she said and leaned in to kiss me.

He came in close to watch us.

Her hands were touching my body, exploring. He was pressed into me from behind, kissing the back of my neck while he cupped my breasts with his hands.

Her kisses were soft, gentle. Her tongue probing my mouth deeply, sucking my bottom lip.

My arms were pinned to my side in their embrace and I broke her kiss to laugh and suggest we switch positions.

Free to move, I started kissing her again, reaching down to feel between our bodies under the water. Her nipple in my mouth now. I wanted to taste all of her.

“Sit up here,” I instructed, gesturing to the side of the spa. “I want to eat you.”

Her perch placed her opening at the perfect height for me to explore her delicate folds. My tongue swirled and flicked, pushed into her and withdrew, covered in her sweet juices.

From behind, he had his fingers inside me, caressing my clit with his thumb while he fucked my puss.

“You two are so fucking hot right now,” he said with undisguised glee.

She was starting to shiver and I stupidly realised she must have been cold.

“Oh chick, get back in the water.”

She stepped back in and I was able to kiss those perfect lips again, to hold her close to me while our bodies bumped gently together with the movement of the water.

When he got out to pee, it was my turn to be pleasured. I sat on the spa’s edge, my thighs falling open to welcome her in to my sweet space. As she licked me, I stifled my moans in order not to alert the neighbours just metres away behind the not-so-tall fence.

“I’m so glad you two are enjoying yourself,” he observed stepping back into the spa. It was my turn to shiver now and I returned to the water finding it felt warmer than before.

I watched them kiss, lovers who knew each other so well, and then I joined the embrace, hands and tongues and legs entangled.

“Should we take this inside?” We readily agreed.

A pee break, a top-up of our drinks and we were in their bedroom. Earrings were removed, hair tied back. Even threesomes have some practicalities to take care of.

Eating her out while he fucked me from behind. She returning the favour to me while her husband fucked her sweet puss.

“I love watching you fuck your wife,” I said. Then I rode him until I came and he followed quickly behind me, exploding inside.

I couldn’t see her face and this bothered me but when I turned my head to check if she was alright, she was smiling.

“That was so fucking hot,” she said. A rush of relief, not like the other times.

We took a break, lying diagonally across their bed, talking quietly about our first time discovering the softness of being with another woman.

When we resumed, I was eating her again, sliding in two fingers searching for her sweet spot. When she started making the right sounds, I fucked her harder. He was already fucking me from behind, his finger in my arse.

“Do you like that?” I asked her with sincerity.

“I fucking love that. I want to scissor you,” was her reply.

I lay on my back while she slid down between my legs, her own planted either side so that our pussies could grind together. She rode me vigorously until she came hard, her cum flowing out to meet my own.

He offered me his cock and I took it in my mouth and sucked hard.

“I like your tongue ring.”

“Oh really? Can you even feel it? I forget it’s there sometimes.”

“Oh yeah, I can feel it,” leaning down to kiss me.

Where she was soft and beautiful, he was hard and sexy.

I watched as she rode him before joining in to lick and play with her arse.

“Fuck me bubby, fuck me,” he told his wife as she came on top of him.

It was incredibly hot, her arse delicious.

“I want to fuck you again,” he said to me. She and I swapped positions so I was now astride him. He pulled me in close and hard so he could explore my arse with his finger. He slid it in and out in time with our fucking.

“Do you want to fuck my arse?” I whisper close to his ear.

“Next time,” he whispered back.

I rode him hard while she watched, his hand between my puss and his pubic bone, grinding my clit until I came.

“How do you want to come?”

“This is actually great for me,” he laughed.

“Yes, but how do you like to come?”


I dismounted his cock and repositioned myself, arse in the air, my face in the sweat-soaked sheets. He fucked me hard until he came.

It was 2am and time for me to go. Threesomes really could be the most wonderful cliché.

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