The mistress returns

Sunday morning
Actually thinking cage for the day. Haven’t worn it for awhile
Does that still work for you when no one has ordered you to wear it?
Yea it does. It’s all fun.
It’s much better when someone has the key. But hey. Got to do what we go to do.
What happened to date girl?
Another one gone
So I’ll come get the key … how long do you think you could go for?
Did four days before
I’ll bring it back in a week
The mornings are the hardest. Literally.
I remember
A week. That’s cruel
I’m a cruel mistress
Good memories. Yes. I did enjoy that. The name calling, whips, pegging
It was fun.
It’s not easy to find men into the scene these days unless it’s on Fet.
Really. I thought there would be heaps.
Nope. Loads of vanilla.
Well that’s shit
It’s been … dull.
[Photo of a dick]
Guess what’s leaking
Hehe. I feel like it.
Once a slut, always a slut … giving that arse and dick away to everyone.
I have been. It’s been fun.
Then you should definitely be caged. You need to learn your place.
I have been so naughty.
Tell me what you’ve done so you can be punished
I am ashamed.
I don’t think you are. I think your slutty arse loves it.
I let a girl fuck and rape me.
And you enjoyed it didn’t you? You loved her raping you.
I felt like I was nothing
Being stripped
Clothes ripped
Did you fight back or take it like the little sissy you are?
I took it. In every hole. I am scared she is going to bring her friends back for round two.
You love it, being just a hole. Opening up wide for their big fake cocks.
Yes. She stretched my little hole. Calling it a boi pussy for her use.
And is your boi pussy aching to be used again?
It is.
Such a greedy little fuck boy.
She made me her sissy bitch.
Yes, that’s what you are. A sissy little fuck hole.
I know that now.
Do you? I think you still have lots to learn.
I am ready to learn.
You need the cheek fucked out of you.
I think that would help teach me.
For that pathetic little cock of yours to be locked up.
But but but
Yes, your butt will be punished until you learn.
I have so much to learn to obey.
Restrained, caged, gagged until you understand that you’re nothing but a fuck hole.
That sounds like a great lesson.
[Photo of dribbling cock]
I don’t think I gave you permission to leak your dribbly cock everywhere
I can’t help it.
Of course you can’t. Pathetic sissy can’t control his cock.
It just leaks out and makes a mess.
Your arse is going to be a mess after it’s been pounded with a huge cock.
I will be ready. Flushed out and freshly shaved.
Put your cage on, slut. You will wait.
Do I have to?
It was an order not a request.
Ok ok sorry.
No you’re not. Back chatting brat.
Ok. You got me.
[Photo of caged dick]
Ok, it’s on.
Look at that pathetic little dick. Tell me what your dick is
It’s pathetic mistress.
Yes it is. A pathetic shrivelled cock. It doesn’t deserve my attention.
No. It’s in its new home.
Good. I’ve cum now. I’m done with you.
What about me mistress?
What about you?
Do I get left in the corner?
I don’t care what you do.
Ok. So cruel.

Sunday afternoon
Are you still caged slut?
Yes. How long you going to keep me caged?
Telling you would defeat the point.
Well when you put it like that
Are you in pain, slut?
No, not yet.
[Photo of leaking dick in a car]
Do you feel naughty, slut? Wearing that cage out in public?
I do. I can feel it tightened around my pathetic little sissy cock.
You want everyone to know, don’t you? You want everyone to see your pathetic little fuck stick caged up and dribbling cum
I do. It’s getting tight thinking about it. I can feel the pre-cum oozing out.
Making a mess in your pants I bet. Such a dirty sissy boy.
It is. So moist.
Dribbling down to your fuck hole, your greedy little boi pussy.
It will make it easier to slide things in and out.
Like my fist if you keep that cheek up.
Sorry. It’s never had a fist in it.
Well you better behave or else you might get one
I don’t think I know how to behave
You might need a good whipping then
I will try to behave. How red will you make my arse
You won’t be able to sit on it for a week
Ouch. Sounds like you mean that. What can I do to make it up?
You’re going to wear that cage to work tomorrow.
Ummmmm. What?
You heard me.
I did but surely we can work something else out. I will be leaking all day.
Are you questioning me?
I was. But I feel that’s wrong.
It’s wrong to question you. Because you know best.
So you will do as I say then?
In my g-string
Is that a question?
No. I will be leaking in my g-string all day.
Yes, you probably will be.
So much going to waste.
Oh, I’m sorry, did you have something more important to use your pathetic little dick sauce on?
Ummmm. No sorry.
Two days. Two work days caged.
So three days in total. Maybe a dildo or the fuck machine?
Did I say you could pleasure yourself?
Again, no.
Three days. Two of them while working. It doesn’t come off and you don’t get to cum until I say.
But I haven’t cum for four days already.
I was going to fuck myself and cum tonight.
Sounds like you don’t need a mistress then.
Well, I didn’t have one when I planned it
You still don’t.
Well, that’s true. But you have me caged
Well, you’re either my slut and you stay caged or you fuck yourself tonight and find someone else.
Fuck I am leaking. Ok ok, I will be your slut and stay caged.
And you’re going to wear the same g-string.
Ummmmmm, wait what?
Sounds like you’re questioning me again
No of course I am not. Just needed to check you mean the filthy cum-stained one I have on now.
Yes I do.
Thank you for clarifying.
Good. Because when I fuck your pathetic hole, I’m going to use that filthy g-string to gag your slutty mouth.

Monday night
Soooo, day one is done
How do you feel?
Sore, full, smaller.
I just showered. Hopefully that’s OK. Feels smaller, shrunk.
You can shower but same g-string remember
Yes, I remember.
Did you leak today?
I did. Not as much as yesterday though. But I could be standing there and then feel it leak out. Felt so degrading.
Did you feel naughty?
I do and so slutty at the same time.
Perhaps I should make you wear a plug tomorrow too.
Ummmm. What? Not sure how I would go with that. I would be scared it could slip inside me.
Slip inside? Has that happened before?
It has with the smaller ones. Lucky it didn’t go in far. I was quick to get it out.
Well maybe it needs to be a big one.
I shouldn’t have said anything.
You love it slut.
Maybe I do. Just not as much at work.
An ever better reason for me to make you
Let me get through tomorrow first.
Thank you.
About time you showed some manners slut.
Because I deserve them.
OK. Yes you do. What do I need to do then?
Keep doing as you’re told.
OK. That seems easy enough.
You found it difficult yesterday.
I put one plug in. I said I was sorry.
But you weren’t sorry were you? You like being bad.
I thought you liked it when I was bad.
It makes it more interesting for sure.

Tuesday morning
[Photo of red and angry caged cock]
Fuck. That was a terrible night.
That looks painful.
It was so, so hard this morning
Are you complaining little slut?
No, just telling how it felt
Do you want to cum sissy boy?
That’s too bad you have another day then isn’t it
Another day? I thought it was only two work days
Well, the rest of today.
Thank you.
[Photo of dribbly dick in bed]
Are you not at work??
Having a sick day.
That’s not what we agreed …
It’s still a work day. I have to work still on the computer
Did you call in sick because of your pathetic dick?
No mistress. I didn’t.
Are you actually sick?
I was this morning. Have a sore throat.
And now?
It’s a lot better. Don’t tell work though.
So, you’re at home “sick” playing with your caged little dick?
Ummmm. Something like that
Pathetic slut
Hehe. I am so much a slut today.
You know you’re going to owe me a caged work day
Do I if I still do work today?
You’re not working.
Not yet.
And won’t I’m guessing.
I might.
It’s like you want an extra day.
Actually I really don’t
An extra day caged like the pathetic sissy boy you are
I am a sissy boy. I feel it.
I know you are.
Do you like what you have done to me? Stripped my manhood away
There is some pleasure in it.
Only some. I think you are loving this control.
I won’t lie … I have thought about it over the years.
I remember that trip to Tamworth. You made me lick my own cum in the morning.
Hehe, that sounds like me.
Fuck, you teased me knowing I couldn’t do anything.
Isn’t that what this is?
Yes, but you were spooning me while doing it.
I also made us dinner that night, so I could be nice too.
Well yes, you did.
I wasn’t all bad. Or cruel.
Not at all.
I thought so.
Fuck I am leaking so much again.
Show me.
[Photo of leaking cock]
It’s leaking to my boi pussy.
In readiness … such a shame there’s no fucking for you today.
I am actually disappointed a little
Only a little?
Ok, maybe a but more than that
No fucking at all coming your way in fact
Oh really? I have been good. No even self fucking?
Hmmmm, let me think about it? Nope.
Oh come on
Cum on?
I would definitely let you cum on me.
But I won’t.
[Photo of him on lounge]
Are you naked?
I am. I have the fire going.
Perhaps I should check.
Maybe you should.

To be continued …

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