Under offer and unwavering

Well, it only took five days, but my house is under offer. The market is downright crazy and I am blown away by what some people are willing to pay. Grateful, incredibly grateful, but still blown away.

I’m choosing to take it as a sign that I made the right decision and that this move is just what I need to flip my world on its head. I am so excited about the prospect of new and different, of that somethin’ somethin’ that will take me out of my comfort zone.

It’s not a done deal obviously – probably exchange next week all going well – but even if this buyer pulls out there’s several who were left disappointed that will hopefully be glad to be back in the running should something go amiss.

I’m excited and utterly daunted to be looking again, especially in the same market. But, the bubble has to burst sometime, and the banks are already flagging a rise in interest rates. I can only hope, very selfishly, that it is soon.

The prospect of a couple of weeks back with the parents over summer isn’t super devastating – ducted air, a pool, loads of room for the dog to play, plus everyone will be there for Christmas anyway. However, if it extends far beyond summer I will likely end up making an impulse purchase just to get out on my own.

Putting out positive vibes for a character home that gets me closer to the beach. I know it’s out there.

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