This one’s for the ladies …

It is a truth universally (among my friends at least) acknowledged, that a straight woman in possession of a good sex drive, must be in want of a good dick.

And ladies, I recently got to fuck the most delightful dick. Practically perfect in every way, if Michelangelo had carved it himself from the finest Italian marble, it could not have been more beautiful.

It was thick, long, symmetrical, and balanced in every proportion so no feature outshone another. It was oh so pretty to look at, to lick, to suck and to fuck. Best of all, it came as a total surprise because we had exchanged no written descriptions or dirty photos before our first meet.

Frighteningly, I almost cancelled on him and decided quite late to actually make our date. A date these days being a meet at his house as we are still in COVID lockdown.

I was booked in to get my second jab at the closest mass vaccination hub and it was his suggestion that we meet before my appointment in case I experienced any nasty side effects. With my appointment at 11.30am, this meant a 10am meet at his house which was technically on the way to the hub.

Now ordinarily, I don’t like to meet for the first time at someone’s house, however, he had assured me his backyard was far too small to bury me so I had some mild comfort. Still, it was the suburbs and the houses packed close enough together that a few screams would at least give the neighbours something to ponder.

Obviously, I need not have worried. His house was lovely, he looked like his dating profile and the photos of his daughter stuck on the fridge were reassuring.

We both knew what this was so there was little chit chat. He kissed me aggressively and passionately, stripping me of my clothes and sat me on the corner of his kitchen table so he could devour my pussy. Between tongue and fingers, he worked me into a frenzy, until I was gripping his hair tightly in my fists and coming all over his face.

I pulled off his shirt while he tore off his pants and it was only then that I got to see what I had only so far felt pressed into me. It was a perfect, swollen, hard dick.

He teased the lips of my pussy, rubbing the head of his cock over my clit, using the juices of my orgasm to coat its length until it glistened. He fucked me on that table until my legs were shaking. He withdrew and blew on my stomach but we were not finished.

He led to his bedroom and we started to fuck again – me on top, him on top, me on my belly – he told me he wanted to fuck my cute arse. I said I bet there were few girls who actually let him given his size. He agreed sadly and I promised that next time he could fuck my arse. I am a lady after all.

We fucked until we were both a sweaty mess and he blew on me again, shooting it up on to my boobs.

A quick shower and we kissed goodbye. I got into my car and headed to my vaccination. It’s almost a shame we had to wear masks because I had the biggest smile on my face all day.

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