Hello dirty girl, I missed you

I forgot how much I missed kink – talking about it with people who get it, who love it, who are passionate about having a great sex. 

Coming out of a very vanilla non-relationship, I realised how much I missed the excitement, the physicality, the mental switch to a sub or domme space. There is a whole world out there of kinks and fetishes … I spent hours last year during lockdown reading books on everything BDSM and all the fetishes from A-Z only to end up stuck in the missionary position.

After putting it off for years, I succumbed and joined Fetlife at the weekend and I have enjoyed the tumble down the rabbit hole. I got so turned on just exploring the site, talking to people and looking at their photos, that I had the most amazing masturbatory session. And I can share my writing on there so I’m actually generating new traffic here to this site … not that I’ve ever really written for the numbers.

God it’s good to be dirty again.

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