For fuck’s sake

I am so fucking glad he didn’t disappoint me by leading me on so spectacularly. I thought what he said last week he meant. The “I love yous” that just slip out are usually genuine, from a place of true feeling.

Turns out, completely fucking wrong. The man doesn’t even want to be in a relationship with me let alone care about me.

It’s been three months of swimming through shit but I let him convince me it could work against all my better judgement.

Trust your gut people! It doesn’t lie unlike dicks with no filter and no conscience.

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    1. He told I pressured him into the relationship… me who kept ending it. Oh and this morning joked about how funny it would be if he got me pregnant … the infertile woman 🤦🏼‍♀️

      1. Oh no…. CUT!!!!!!!!! Men are incredibly stupid. I honestly wish I were NOT attracted to males. All of them, ALLLLL of them are pathetic! I’m sorry, you don’t deserve that!

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