The best kind of sex

If I thought the sex on our first night together was good, our fourth night was outstanding. The kind of sex you want to bottle and drizzle liberally all over yourself when you’re single and alone and need a reminder of how great sex should be.

He thought it was as good as the first night but for me it was next level better. Perhaps it’s the comfort that only comes from being in your own space and your own bed, with your dog cowering in the furthest part of the house because the sound of sex freaks her out. Familiar sheets and headboard, filtered light from the living room. Whatever it was, it was fantastic.

Sitting astride his ridiculously tall body, and with my underwear pulled to the side, I sank down onto his long, hard dick marvelling at how rapidly it made me want to come. And come I did. Fast and slow, I lost count and breath riding the pleasure. Kissing his chest, biting his nipples, nibbling his neck, tongues colliding in panting gasps.

Always one for pacing, when I felt his speed and thrusts intensify, I knew he was close. But the bastard stopped before he came and suggested a change in position. Damn, I almost had him. It’s became a game.

On my back, he slid into me easily, drenched in my own cum, and began the slow torment which was becoming his signature move. If anything it felt bigger than before, harder, longer, hitting my sweet spot over and over.

When we’d moved to my bed from the lounge, it was still early. Two hours of fucking and sucking and spitting on his cock later, he exploded deep inside me and we finally rested.

We poured a nightcap and watched an episode of Black Mirror, entwined on the lounge. It was late when we went to bed, but he wasn’t finished with me. Wanting or needing more, he pulled me in close ignoring my sleepy protests. I was utterly spent but his playfulness pushed me to tease him into jerking off for me, lights on, so I could watch.

I kissed his chest and sucked his nipples as he stroked himself, a unique technique mastered over decades as most men have. I wanted him to finish in my mouth and he willingly obliged, although most ended up on my chin in laughter.

He fell asleep within seconds of me turning off the light and, at last, we slept.

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