Never have I ever

Maybe because it’s overcast and drizzling rain but my mood is all bad teenage poetry today. I’m totally aware how pathetic it sounds and how poorly it’s written but all that combined speaks to the way I feel right now. Indulge me in my melancholy.

We’ve shared a bed but never a meal.
We’ve exchanged messages but never gifts.
We’ve seen each other naked but never cry.
We’ve lay exhausted side by side but never sleeping.

You’ve met my dog but not my family.
You’ve emailed me but never called.
You’ve brought me champagne but never seen me drunk.
You’ve cancelled on me so often I don’t keep count.

I’ve never seen where you live.
I’ve never been with you outside.
I’ve never known when I’ll see you again.
I’ve never kept you at arm’s length.

All I needed was your respect.
All I asked for was your time.
All I wanted was to know you better.
All I got was some sweaty sheets.

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