This is the story of when a girl met a boy

Girl meets boy. Girl and boy like each other. Girl and boy have several dates. Girl and boy don’t fuck. Boy tells girl he’s worried he’s not good enough. Boy stops messaging. Girl ends it with boy.

Girl messages boy. Boy is happy to hear from girl. Girl asks if they can try again. Boy agrees. Boy and girl start talking again. Boy and girl go on another date. Boy and girl have sex. Girl tells him there’s nothing to worry about.

Boy and girl still talking. Boy goes over to girl’s house for dinner. Girl undercooks the potatoes but otherwise boy has good time. Girl and boy have sex. Boy goes home.

Boy stops messaging girl as frequently. Girl asks boy what’s wrong. Boy says he’s just busy.

Boy infrequently messages girl. Girl starts to overthink, have a meltdown, worries about the potatoes, the sex, the pork belly she served, how her butt looked.

Girl make a few attempts to chat to boy. Boy responds but does not prolong chat. Girl stops messaging. Girl tells friend she has no more fucks left to give.

Boy messages girl. Girl asks what’s going on. Boy says he’s got shit going on. Girl says OK. Boy apologises. Girl says there’s no need. Boy says he’s really sorry. Girl tells boy she hopes the shit works out. Boy sends a smiley emoji.

No more messages between boy and girl. Girl still has no idea what went wrong. Girl is tired of worrying. Girl figures that if a boy really wanted her, a boy would want to talk to her and spend time with her.

Girl will wait for that boy.

PS. The words “girl” and “boy” look so weird now.

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