A gentle domination

Tied to the bed by my wrists and ankles, I was at his mercy. Perhaps I should have been more afraid given how little I knew him. But something about him was innately gentle despite the bag of floggers, paddles, gags and toys next to the bed.

He struggled with the restraints, admitting he was a little out of practice. It gave me time to observe him quietly, his facial features, the scars on his back, the glimpse of colour as his shorts rode down low on his hips. A g-string, blue. This was new for me. There are not many men I’d been with who I thought would embrace this element of kink. It was a male g-string, let’s be clear. This wasn’t about cross-dressing. It was … something else. He was something else.

It was taking some time, so he pulled out a body wand and thrust it between my legs against my cunt. The pulse setting was sporadic, not letting me build to a crescendo. I’m sure that was intentional. I grind uselessly against it, contorting my hips as much as I could to pull it closer to my body.

With the restraints tight against my skin, I suggested we use the traffic light system as safe words. Just in case. He only nodded. I think he was nervous. He drew out items from his bag, one by one, and lay them down my body: a ball gag, a suede flogger, a small silver butt plug, nipple clamps, a leather paddle. Adorned in his tools, he set to work on me.

First, a collar around my neck with attached lead. I didn’t mind the collar, but the lead seemed redundant given my current state of confinement. He tugged on the lead gently to raise and lower my head, pulling me in close for a kiss. It made more sense now.

I asked what he’d like me to call him, sir or master. He took a beat and seemed about to speak before changing his mind. 

“Master, yes you can call me Master for now,” he said.

He lifted the ball gag from my chest that was rising and falling quickly as I became more aroused. He let the silicone ball drop into my open mouth, forcing my lips wide and holding it there while leaning down to push the black lace of my bodysuit to the side with his face so he could suck on my nipples. Gag in, gag out, he teased me.

Next came the clamps and, still wet from his mouth, he attached them to my swollen nipples. I was wet, oh so very wet. He tugged on the chain that joined them together, pulling them so I had to arch my back. I knew the pain of these would come later when he removed them.

Nothing was accidental or fast. Every movement was deliberate, slow, designed to keep me only in the moment. My mind did not wander.

He slipped the butt plug between my breasts inside my body suit. He held the body wand against it, letting the vibrations resonate through its metal into me. Then the same to the clamps on my nipples, thrumming at high intensity.

He picked up the paddle and hit my clamped nipples making me cry out. A small smile crept onto his face.

The body wand caressed me as he moved it down to my cunt. I held it there with clamped thighs. He positioned himself close to my head, pulled me up by the lead and I took his hard dick in my mouth. I could taste the pre-cum he’d been leaking as I sucked its length. He groaned softly, using the lead to coax me down deeper onto his shaft. Gagging, he released me.

“Let’s try this,” he said, pulling out a long, adjustable restraint with two loops at the end and a thick padded section in the middle.

“How does it work?” I asked.

“I’ll show you.”

He undid the restraints around my ankles and looped the padded section of the new restraint behind my head, low on my neck. The new restraint he looped around my ankles, requesting I straighten and lift my legs up around his ears. With restraints secured, my head and neck took the weight of my legs, letting them hang lazily in the air. It felt like a similar pose to one we often did at yoga with a strap and was an exceptional hamstring stretch.

It also allowed him excellent access to my cunt and arse. He pulled the butt plug from between my breasts and rolled it between his fingers through my wetness, lubricating it.

“Do you want this?”

“Yes please, Master.”

“Good girl.”

Thoughtfully, he did use actual lube as well as he slid the plug inside my arse while he held the body wand hard against my clit. Prone as I was in the restraints, I panted and moaned. When he pressed the wand against the plug, the vibrations were so intense I came within seconds, convulsing as far as the restraints would allow.

He intermittently used the paddle and the flogger across my thighs, my breasts and my arse as the wand hummed incessantly against my clit. I wanted to feel him inside me, to feel the hard dick that he pushed in my mouth, drive open my cunt.

But on and on he teased me, until the clamps began to ache and I begged him to take them off, the pain as the blood rushed back into their extremity a white hot flood. He sucked them gently to soothe them, his cock pressed against my cunt.

“Please fuck me,” I gasped.

He thrust inside me, the wand against my clit and the plug filling my arse. Driving into me, I came hard from the anticipation, the pressure in my arse and the vibrations on my clit. He came shortly after.

“I think you liked that,” he said as he undid my ankle restraints and my legs fell to the bed. My back ached but in a good way.

“I did Master, thank you.”

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