Birthday candles

Today is my birthday. Four years ago today I received my big girl Lady as a gift from my then husband. I’m finding it hard to deal with how much my life has changed since that day.

Maybe two weeks later, we had our first “break”. I went to stay with my brother on the Victorian coast. When I returned, my ex went north to stay with his family.

Five months later, I took that leap of faith that saw me move away from home and and family, forging new friendships, career, and relationships.

By my birthday three years ago, I’d told him I wasn’t coming back.

A week after my birthday two years ago, the divorce was finalised in court.

One year ago, I was seeing someone completely wrong for me in every way. I hated my job and was bored by everything.

This morning I woke up next to a man who thinks I’m incredible. Who was so excited about my birthday he’d given me two gifts already this week because he “couldn’t wait”.

Four years. How long ago it seems. I’m 36 today but in many ways it feels like I’m back in my 20s, starting all over again.

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