One week of unsolicited online dating messages

This is a week’s worth of unsolicited messages I received on Plenty of Fish. My profile headline says “Don’t just say hey there”. Of the below messages, I politely responded to two and thanked them for their message but told them I was not interested and best of luck with their search. For one of the below messages, I wrote back saying I was actually interested and we started chatting. Can you guess which ones?

The rest of them did not get a reply. Many of these are second and third messages from men who have messaged me weeks or months previously, without reply. I have left all spelling mistakes, missing punctuation and errors in (or out) so you can enjoy what I endure. I’ve thrown in an oldie but a goodie at the end – not received this week, but further evidence of the type of freaky-arse shit fellas think it’s OK to write to women.

  1. Hey hey😊 day time netflix amd good sex
  2. How you going today
  3. Hii
  4. Hey, how are you doing?
  5. Good morning (kissing emoji)
  6. Hello how are you? Would you like to chat?
  7. Incrediable eyes
  8. Hi A, I’m D. Divorced, devoted dad, gainfully employed and volunteer too. Love music, sport trivia and not taking life too seriously.
  9. Wow you’re gorgeous I love your eyes. I’d love to talk and see what we think of each other. Please read my profile and let me know if you’re interested or not
  10. Hi
  11. Hi there gorgeous 😀
  12. hey there …. :-p just kidding id love to know about your base camp experience!
  13. Hey
  14. G’day A how are ya
  15. howdy how ya going today
  16. Hello there, how are you doing today? And how is the weather treating you?
  17. Hey, how are you going?
  18. Hello gorgeous, I was just going through your profile and you caught my eyes, I Know a picture is worth a thousand words and on seeing yours, it was more than words could explain. Your profile is charming and I like your eyes and I’d love to know you better.
  19. Heya (monkey no see emoji x 3) How’s things? Did you have an awesome weekend? Any lans for some over the next few days/weekend? (Lipstick lips) RATINGS: PS 9.98/10 SPOONING PARTNER Package: PUNCHING (monkey no see emoji) (lipstick lips) Will impress (lipstick lips)
  20. Yummy You’re hot af you’re hot
  21. Ur so funny …
  22. Hey how are you
  23. Hi
  24. Hello beautiful
  25. Hello how are you
  26. Hi A
  27. Are you really that gorgeous or I am a bit drunk?
  28. Good evening Sexy, what’s your ideal first date …?
  29. If you had cash in your wallet right now and you had as much as your mobile number how much cash would you have on you
  30. Hello how r u?
  31. Hi
  32. Hi there how are you?
  33. Hi there
  34. Hey a. How was your weekend?
  35. Up for a cuppa
  36. Hello there how are you this morning how’s your weekend been
  37. Hey there? Jokes how are you in G 31 from lake Mac where about sin M are you in
  38. Im sorry but you are very beautiful
  39. What’s ya doing sexy
  40. Hello
  41. Hello how’s it going
  42. Hello
  43. How are you
  44. Hi
  45. Hey hey Up for a convo? Much planned for the weekend
  46. Hi
  47. Hello I’m R
  48. Gday
  49. Hahahah wasting your time. HEY THERE ,,,,
  50. Guess what
  51. Think you could handle a younger guy

Bonus message: Hey there:) I know this is a weird thing to ask but would you be interested in watching me do stuff with my dog on snap? I like sharing the experience with like minded people curious or into that stuff. If not sorry for bothering you.

That one I tried to report, but he deleted it as soon as I captured a screenshot. Best of luck ladies!

3 thoughts on “One week of unsolicited online dating messages

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  1. “Hey there:) I know this is a weird thing to ask but would you be interested in watching me do stuff with my dog on snap? I like sharing the experience with like minded people curious or into that stuff. ”


    Also, the smiley makes it a little more sinister somehow. Leave that shit out if you’re going to be a fucking perv.

    Liked by 1 person

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