ChrisNotChris … don’t push me

So it’s been a few days and I haven’t finished the tale of ChrisNotChris. I’ll be real with you: he called me several times last week and I’m still dealing with his head fuckery. He’s all but begged me not to share the rest of the story because he knows exactly how bad he’ll appear. I’ve been struggling with the dilemma of what to share and what not to. Not for him, but for his children who had no choice in getting such a man as their father. He’s tried all manner of strategies: being my friend and confidante, threats, guilt, anger, pity, and legal and moral arguments.

It’s important to me that I reiterate that it has never, ever been my intention to out him or expose him. But it shits me no end that he believes he has some sort of moral highground to bargain from. You fucked up. Own it. Be a man. Own your actions and their consequences. I don’t need to expose you. A man so lost will eventually lose everything without my intervention.

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  1. I kinda figured there was a reason for the holdup the past few days. You did mention to me his concern. Well, the deal is that it is cut and dry. This is an anonymous blog. You have every right to tell your story. If he doesn’t like it, well he should have thought of that before he decided to use you and play with (and continue to play with) your head. Keep writing! I am rooting for you!

  2. So true! It’s great that you can recognize how he is trying (and failing) to manipulate you. So many women fall time and time again for shame tactics. It’s probably worked for him in the past. Time to grow up ChrisNotChris!

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