I get by with a lot of help from my friends

I truly have the most beautiful friends. They make me cry and they make me laugh. They make me eat when I don’t want to, yelling if they have to, and they try to put my nose ring back in when it falls out even when it’s gross. They listen to me rant and rave and stamp my feet all with healthy doses of alcohol to balance it all out. But I cancelled dinner with my bestie last night because it felt wrong to be “celebrating” my divorce.

Months ago we’d discussed the idea of a divorce party with penis straws and strippers and shots but when it happened, I just wanted to be alone with a glass or six of Southern Comfort.

But my friend had prepared me a gift and dropped it over late last night. It was wrapped and numbered and I share it with you below. She’s my soul friend and I’d be lost without her. Thank you J – love you always xxx

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